Football Gives Hope

"Football connects people. Football lifts lives. Football gives hope." Colin Nell

Led by professional freestyle footballer, Colin Nell, Human Appeal's fantastic, new humanitarian project is delivering hope to vulnerable refugee children from Syria.

Colin travelled to Turkey with Human Appeal, giving football sessions and classroom-based workshops to youngsters whose lives have been devastated by conflict. He also trained local coaches and provided sports equipment, seeing first-hand just how tough life in a refugee camp is. With few comforts and activities, the children can quickly become inactive, isolated, and frustrated, slipping into poor mental and physical health.

Many of the children had travelled to Turkey alone, risking their lives to find safety after losing parents, family and friends, as well as their homes. Plus, many have been exposed to violence, abuse, and exploitation.

Sadly, every day, countless refugee children are taking long, perilous journeys across Europe. They need protecting now. By supporting this brilliant campaign, you'll be helping them find something they have all but lost – hope.

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Football Gives Hope

Colin Nell is a world-renowned football freestyler who travels globally to plan, deliver, and choreograph campaigns for the likes of Mitre, Samsung, Vodafone, and FIFA Football. Yet the work he is most proud of is his motivational work with vulnerable adults and young people, including his ‘Football Changes Lives’ workshops with inmates at Feltham Young Offenders, his interactive sessions with patients at the Teenage Cancer Unit in UCLH Hospital London, as well as his recent clinics with UK charity day trippers where he championed disabled children’s rights to play football.

Colin believes football can be a vehicle for delivering hope and inspiration to vulnerable people and Human Appeal are delighted to be working with him on Football Gives Hope. Thanks to your support, we’ve already delivered:

  • Football sessions
  • Special team building exercises to develop self-awareness and leadership skills
  • Classroom based workshops
  • Training for local coaches

You can help Colin continue this amazing work by contributing towards the projects funds. To find out more information about Colin's project, you can contact the project co-ordinator, Yasmin Gill by emailing

Motivational Master Classes with Colin Nell

This Master Class for young adults is truly inspiring and ensures every single attendee comes away armed with all the tools they need to follow their dreams and fulfil their potential.

The workshop is delivered by Colin Nell and will help attendees identify potential career pathways and gain an understanding of the opportunities and skills required.

Topics covered during the session include:

  • Motivational presentation on how to achieve higher aspirations, with emphasis on the importance of gaining an all-round education.
  • Variety of performances and illustrations from Colin Nell renowned for their ability to captivate audiences.
  • Power point presentation on Colin’s career and a talk on how to develop the skills needed for success in sport and life.
  • Workshop session timeline and breakdown.
  • Total duration for freestyle football master class to last around 1 hour per class to run throughout the day.

Here is how a typical session is structured, this can be tailored to suit individual needs:

First 15 minutes – this warm up exercise uses basic techniques. Working in either pairs or as a trio, the emphasis is on teamwork and sets the tone for the rest of the session.

Second 15 minutes – improve your dribbling techniques and close control with the football , as well as your freestyle football skills. This tests attendees to apply what they have learnt.

Third 15 minutes - game and match scenarios. This allows attendees to test themselves against others through competition. It helps manage emotions whilst applying the rules of play and being sportsmanlike.

Final 15 minutes - attendees showcase what they have learnt and have an open debate with fellow students. Attendees are then rewarded with a small gift for attending the session for good behaviour and good attitude.

All proceeds from the session will go towards funding the Football Gives Hope project. To find out more information about Colin's school booking, or to book a session, you can contact the project co-ordinator, Yasmin Gill by emailing

Interactive Live Shows with Colin Nell

Interactive live shows are Colin's speciality. Renowned for their ability to captivate audiences, these unique live performances have become popular with major sponsors, brands, promotions and high-profile events worldwide.

Performances will cover different elements of ball skills and props. Audience interaction and participation are required during each show, such as the ‘Magic 7 Skill.’ There will be a step by step breakdowns of certain tricks and skills and choreography can be added to music tracks and the use of specific kits and attire.

Here is what to expect for a typical stage performance, based on a 15-20 minute set, however, the show and timings can be tailored to meet the structure of the even.

  • Opening performance choreographed to music.
  • Second performance – big tricks set and other props such as golf, tennis ball.
  • Crowd participation – Short but entertaining games such as the Magic 7.
  • Final skills demonstration to music performed in a double act.

All proceeds from the session will go towards funding the Football Gives Hope project. To find out more information about Colin's corporate booking, or to book a session, you can contact the project co-ordinator, Yasmin Gill by emailing

The children of Turkey have been given hope